Strange Summer

Record-breaking Heat Never has western Washington seen a summer like 2021. During the last two weeks in June, temperatures soared well into the three-digit range. August 11th-13th they went back into the 90s. Thank God my across-the-street neighbors brought and installed an air conditioner in my kitchen window on June 25th. The inside temperature hadContinue reading “Strange Summer”

Starting off on the Write Foot

Getting Started The importance of writers starting right cannot be over-emphasized. First impressions are lasting. Sloppy, ill-prepared queries and proposals are  comparable to showing up for a job interview with uncombed hair and spinach on our teeth. Believing that if work is good enough, editors will overlook submission flaws—typos, misspellings, etc.—strikes a death blow toContinue reading “Starting off on the Write Foot”

“More Bang for Your Buck”

What’s better than a good book? More good books! Some series feature running characters, then add new ones, fresh mystery, romance, and more about a town and its inhabitants that we have come to love. Others share a certain time period, locale, or writing style. Days Gone By: a Boxed-set Bargain Kindle Christian Historical RomanceContinue reading ““More Bang for Your Buck””

Reece’s Ramblings Has Moved!

Who says you can’t teach an old dog (or an 85-year-author) new tricks? It took years for me to be convinced I needed a computer. Or Email. To switch from dial-up. To start a blog. Each time, knowledgeable friends installed programs that once I learned to use, I couldn’t imagine not having. It just happenedContinue reading “Reece’s Ramblings Has Moved!”