Recycle Queen. See how your stories can be recycled and sold again.

Treasure Chest: 24-karat stories for All Ages by [Colleen L. Reece]

24-karat Stories for
All Ages

Between the covers of a book is a lovely place to be.

  • A Family in Danger. Will moving to an isolated mountain cabin with no modern conveniences solve the Clarks’ problems? Or make them worse?
  • Best Friends Forever. WW2 is over, but conflict won’t end for Pat Kelly until her BFF comes home.
  • Colleen’s Classics. Treasured Tales for the Young and Young at Heart. Thirty-six true and based-on-truth short stories.
  • The “Remembrance” Book Laura Ingalls Wilder, wrote, “If I had a remembrance book, I’d write about Pa and Mr. Hanson. How they walked and looked and talked and how we wondered what they said.” Two of Colleen’s special “remembrances.”
  • Storybook House. Timeless Tales for Fun-loving Families. Twenty-one true stories.

Much of my writing income comes from selling reprints. Friends call me The Recycle Queen. Most of my 170+ original published books have also been reissued, some more than once. It’s exciting to have old favorites back in print or as electronic editions, edited and revised, with brand-new covers.

Note: Once a book is out of print, you must get a cancellation of contract/ return of copyright from the publisher before offering it to another company.

Multiple Sales Make Money. Rules for Resales.

Only a few hundred of my approximately 1300+ magazine sales are originals. Here are some fast facts about rights.

  • All rights. Just that. You no longer own the work.
  • First rights. You cannot sell a manuscript anywhere else until it is actually published.
  • First publication rights (e.g., First North American Serial Rights). You can resell the same story or article to another publication, without any changes, as long as you do not allow another publication to actually publish the piece “first.” (Some magazines now include a contract clause that specifies how soon after publication you can resell a piece.)
  • One-time rights. The magazine purchases the right to publish once, date unspecified. This worked great when I was writing short pieces for Christian story papers and magazines because they were non-competing markets. Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, etc. and secular magazines are read by different groups. Mark manuscript “One-time rights to non-competing magazines.” Warning: Don’t send to an adult magazine and a children’s or teen magazine of the same denomination. They can end up in the same homes.
  • Reprint rights. Mark “Reprint rights to non-competing magazines.”


Bundling Up for Bargains

Combining two or more titles that target a specific audience (such as families) into printed or electronic collections, offers readers more bang for their buck and more exposure to our work. 

 Winged Publications has reprinted dozens of my titles in the last seven years, including many print series and Kindle collections. Among the most popular are the Juli Scott Mysteries (7 titles, YA), Shepherd of Love Hospital series (5 titles, medical romance-mystery), and Romance Quartet (4 western romance novels).

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Other recent Kindle collections

Obstacles block paths to “happily-ever-after” in 10 Cherished Romance novels.

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