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In the play, Finian’s Rainbow, the lead character advises, “Look to the rainbow. Follow the fellow who follows a dream.” As a child, Colleen L. Reece dreamed of some day writing a book, but her little logging town grew trees, not authors. She decided to become a nurse. Although it didn’t happen, Colleen’s interest in nursing led to the creation of many nurse heroines.

Among her favorites is Candace Thatcher. “Candleshine” dedicates her life to nursing then loses her heart to a brave Marine lieutenant while stranded on a Pacific island.  Interviews with a World War 2 veteran involved in mopping up the Philippines, as well as a seasoned pilot friend, provided a wealth of actual experiences on which this fictional novel is based.

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Colleen’s only Biblical novel: The Book that Changed her Life. See Author Favorites and Reece’s Ramblings post.
Standing at the crossroads. See Author Favorites and Reece’s Ramblings post.

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