Writing Tips

Writing Tip #6 – Sentence Summaries Sell Manuscripts

Nutshell know-how pays off.

Writing Tip #5 – Recycle Queen

See how your stories can be recycled and sold again. Read more >>

Writing Tip #4 – Handy Helpers

Looking for a quick-and-easy way to brainstorm? Use the “5 Ws” + How. Read more >>

Writing Tip #3 – A Parable for Writers

This writing tip comes from Colleen’s Keynote Address at the Warner Pacific Christian Writers’ Conference, 1985, Portland, Oregon. Read more >>

Writing Tip #2 – Blogging for Fun and Excitement

Five years ago, my friend, Susan K. Marlow, encouraged me to get into blogging. “It will change your life,” she predicted. Would you like to add sparkle to your life? Consider blogging. I did, with amazing results. Read more >>

Writing Tip #1 – Starting Off on the “Write” Foot

The importance of writers starting right cannot be over-emphasized. First impressions are lasting. Sloppy, ill-prepared queries and proposals are  comparable to showing up for a job interview with uncombed hair and spinach on our teeth. Believing that if work is good enough, editors will overlook submission flaws—typos, misspellings, etc.—strikes a death blow to getting published unless we have relatives in publishing, and probably not then. An unprofessional query or book proposal. Read more >>