Author Favorites

Colleen L. Reece’s Top Favorites!

Out of 175 plus titles, these books stick out to me as my favorites.

#1 Favorite

Belated Follower, my one and only Biblical novel, changed my life. After feeling compelled to write it in 1977, I realized that God was calling me to write full time for Him. I resigned that same day. Note: It took 17 years to sell, then earned more praise than all my other titles combined

Four persons search for Christ and love. Benjamin, left to care for the sheep, finds the manger empty when he goes to see the Christ-child. Michal is pursued by a merchant she despises. Ari takes up Benjamin’s quest, hoping to save his beloved mother’s life. Sabra flees from the wicked master who caused her father’s death and forced her into slavery.

is Jesus, reported to open blind eyes and heal lepers, always in the next village? Or just over the next hill. Will the weary travelers ever find Him?

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Courage Under Fire

Candace “Candleshine” Thatcher dedicates her life to nursing and loses her heart to Lieutenant Jeffrey Fairfax during World War 2. The wounded Marine washes up on an island in the South Pacific where Candleshine and survivors from their sunken ship are stranded. Promises made under threat of invasion must be postponed. Nursing in the jungle requires service beyond the call of duty by Candleshine and her two fellow nurses.

Going Home Again. I never tire of re-living my childhood and growing-up years. These 31 true family stories bring laughter, tears, and include  encountering a bear in Yellowstone Park, and witnessing a miracle that saved my younger brother’s life.  

The Heirloom. My first book (of many) co-authored with my niece, Julie Reece-DeMarco, is a lyrical blend of our talents in a “could it be true” tale.  During the Great Depression, David Allen promises God that he will do anything to help his hurting people, but how can he part with his only valuable possession?

Juli Scott Mysteries

The heroine in this series is a lot like me. We are both strong Christians and depend on God to get us through tough times. Juli visits a home overlooking the Skagit River in western Washington where I dreamed of building a colonial mansion should I ever be rich. We both determined we’d become authors. Juli and her Lunch Bunch love solving mysteries. I’m glad I could join them!

Boxed set of 7; author’s response to Nancy Drew

Also available as single Kindle and print titles.

  • Mysterious Monday: Why didn’t Juli’s Dad come home?
  • Trouble on Tuesday: Juli’s best friend vanishes.
  • Wednesday Witness: What did the Lunch Bunch see?
  • Thursday Trials: Who is persecuting Juli and her friends?
  • Friday Flight: An old enemy reappears.
  • Saturday Scare: Danger on Mount Rainier.
  • Sunday Suspicion: Who is threatening Principal Smiles?

Romance Quartet

Year ago, Susan K, Marlow, popular kids/YA author wrote the first chapter of Romance Rides the Range (rejected for too much plot and not enough love story). I offered to add romance but to no avail. Then she said, “Take it. Write it. Just don’t put my name on it.” Three sequels followed, and Susan finally agreed to let me tell the story behind the story! These four novels become a family saga when read together. Read in a 4-book Kindle Collection >>

1. Romance Rides the Range. In 1882, Sarah Joy Anderson flees from a stepfather who is forcing her into marriage with a riverboat gambler. She seeks protection from a “once-bitten, twice-shy” California rancher who has vowed the San Juan River will run dry before he trusts another woman.

2. Romance Rides the River. Headstrong Dolores (Dori) Sterling of the Diamond S ranch returns from school in Boston. The ranch will never be the same, especially for Sarah’s brother Seth.

3. Romance at Rainbow’s End. Ellianna Stoddard feels she can never be worthy of a godly man’s love. The fact that Joshua Stanhope is a minister complicates matters.

4. Romance at the Hacienda. Timothy Stoddard doesn’t believe in love at first sight, until he meets beautiful Angelina Carmencita Olivera Montoya

Lamplight to Limelight. The true story of how God changed me, a logger’s daughter with a childhood dream of writing a “someday” book, into a full-time best-selling author. Happiness and heartbreak marked my journey of joy. A wealth of hard-learned writing tips.

Walking with the Master: Celebrating His Presence. God has provided for and protected me for more than 80 years, often in miraculous, unexplainable ways. Life-changing incidents range from “A Cry for Help,” being chased by a bull, to “Midnight Madness,” when a neighbor named Angel appeared when my yard was on fire.

Lexi LeClair stands at a crossroads. Dare she follow the advice of her favorite author Emilie Loring in There is Always Love? (1940) and follow a rainbow? Or must she remain lonely and imprisoned behind the wall she has built in an effort to protect herself from rejection and pain?