Kids and the Young at Heart

Laughter, Adventure, and Excitement

Three different adventures from different eras and settings. A family in the isolated, eastern Oregon wilderness and best friends separated during World War Two (both based on true incidents). And the ups and downs of a Nancy-Drew-type heroine and her friends as they solve a week’s worth of mysteries in Washington State. All discover that working together and relying on God help them overcome obstacles blocking the road to happiness and understanding. Based on true incidents. Plus two books from the Sisters in Time series published years ago.

Treasure Chest: 24-karat Stories for All Ages

The five books in this collection are also available as single titles. Each one is described below, along with its cover.

A Family in Danger – Will moving to an isolated mountain cabin solve the Clark family’s problems? Or make them worse? Based on a true story.

Best Friends – WW2 is over, but conflict won’t end for Pat Kelly until her BFF comes home. Based on true events.

Colleen’s Classics: Treasured Tales for the Young at Heart – Thirty-six true and based-on-truth short stories

The “Remembrance” Book Two exciting remembrance tales to delight readers of all ages.

Storybook House: Timeless Tales for Fun-loving Families The growing-up adventures of author Colleen Reece and her two brothers in a small logging town.

Single Titles from the Collection
A Family in Danger

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Thirteen-year-old Tyler and his twelve-year-old sister Caitlin are in big trouble. Again. Their parents move them to the wilds of eastern Oregon. No electricity, running water, or close neighbors. No TV, Facebook, Twitter, or iPads. Months of hard work and homeschooling. Storms rage inside and outside the isolated log cabin.  Can the need to survive reunite the broken family? Based on the drastic steps that the author’s friends took when their children were out of control.

Best Friends Forever

Bargaining with God

On her thirteenth birthday, Patricia Kelly writes in her new diary, “God, if you will bring Yoshi home from that desert prison camp, and make things like they were before, maybe I can start trusting you again.” The MIzukis come home, but persecution follows. Hate signs on school lockers. Shunning by other students. A cross burned in the MIzukis’ yard. Pat knows that God can fix things, but she can’t help asking, “Why is He taking so long?” 

Colleen’s Classics

Thirty-six true and based-on-truth short stories

Con discovers that “last” can be better than “first.” Beth loves Christian youth camp, except for playing volleyball. (That was the author, Colleen!)

Thirty-six stories of real kids and teens who laugh, cry, mess up, and learn there is life after embarrassment. 

The “Remembrance” Book

Laura Ingalls Wilder, wrote, “If I had a remembrance book, I’d write about Pa and Mr. Hanson. How they walked and looked and talked and how we wondered what they said.” Two of Colleen’s special “remembrances.”

Two exciting remembrance books to delight readers of all ages. Join Carol (Colleen) and her family on a 3,500- mile “Vagabond Summer” driving trip. Encounter car trouble, a bear, two parades, a prairie dog town, lions roaring in the night, and much more. See how “Wishbooks and Promises” brighten the family’s lives, along with their wonderful lamp, a mysterious friend for Carol, an uncle’s desperate prayer, and Carol’s daring plan to get a bicycle when her parents cannot afford to buy her one.

Storybook House

Timeless Tales for Fun-loving Families

“Welcome to Storybook House. Do come in.” Award-winning author Colleen L. Reece and her two brothers grew up in a former one-room schoolhouse with a woodsman father and a teacher mother. Their adventures ranged from rescuing orphaned kittens to solving Mom’s Sandwich Mystery. Colleen later felt called into full-time writing and moved to a new home. Her nephew named it “Storybook House” because of the hundreds of books and stories Colleen wrote that her mother, Pearl, edited.

Juli Scott Mysteries

Boxed set of 7; author’s response to Nancy Drew

Also available as single Kindle and print titles.

  • Mysterious Monday: Why didn’t Juli’s Dad come home?
  • Trouble on Tuesday: Juli’s best friend vanishes.
  • Wednesday Witness: What did the Lunch Bunch see?
  • Thursday Trials: Who is persecuting Juli and her friends?
  • Friday Flight: An old enemy reappears.
  • Saturday Scare: Danger on Mount Rainier.
  • Sunday Suspicion: Who is threatening Principal Smiles?

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Sisters in Time Historical Series

Books 1 and 2 of the popular “Sisters in Time” series.

Time Period: 1620.  Imagine leaving the land you know and the friends you hold dear, and you’ll understand the whirlwind of emotions that await ten-year-old Sarah Smythe. This fictional young Pilgrim aboard the Mayflower is moving from Holland to the New World, America, in the vanguard of a new nation of free people. Especially for girls ages eight to twelve.

Time Period:  1620.  Freezing weather, lack of food, and sickness make the first winter at Plymouth Colony a difficult and dangerous time. What would that winter be like for a ten-year-old girl? Find out in Rebekah in Danger, part of the Sisters in Time series. Written especially for eight- to twelve-year-old girls, this dramatic story shows how a seventeenth-century girl-not terribly different from girls of the twenty-first century-overcame some of the most challenging difficulties imaginable.