Western and Romance-Mystery

Drama in the Old West and in a Seattle Hospital

Romance is alive and well in frontier California and a modern Seattle hospital. So is intrigue, danger, and spine-tingling events that threaten cowboys and ranchers, as well as doctors and nurses whose desire to serve others is hampered by hostile, unseen forces.

Romance Quartet

Love rides the range with a long lasso.

In 1882, Sarah Joy Anderson flees from a stepfather who is forcing her into marriage with a riverboat gambler. Headstrong Dolores (Dori) Sterling of the Diamond S ranch returns from school in Boston and the ranch will never be the same. Ellianna Stoddard feels she can never be worthy of a godly man’s love. Timothy Stoddard doesn’t believe in love at first sight, until he meets beautiful Angelina Carmencita Olivera Montoya. Four novels become a family saga when read together.  

Shepherd of Love

Nurse friends struggle to serve others and find love.

Five related novels set in a Seattle Washington hospital conceived in prayer and dedicated to serving as Jesus served. Five nurses face opposition from without and within. Jonica flees from heartbreak. Nancy is the victim of prejudice. Lindsey and the hospital are endangered by those determined to destroy all it stands for. Shina is torn between love and the need to honor her father and mother. Patti takes desperate measures to escape a stalker.