Cherished Romances

Action Through the Ages

From the western frontier to the Canadian wilderness, World War 1 to the Civil War, Boston to the North Carolina mountains, an idyllic Washington State hamlet to the streets of Seattle, characters face challenges in order to discover God, love, and happiness.

By Strange Paths #1-6

Characters learn it is impossible to overcome adversity without God’s help.

Through the ages, God has led and protected those who cry to Him for help in times of need. Cricket flees to a Wyoming guest ranch to escape a storm of publicity. Angelica carries medicine to natives in the far North, hoping to outrun regrets. Hope loves a soldier fighting in France, but her father has other plans for her. Silver leaves her plantation home in order to save a friend from a life of misery. Chantel escapes a greedy woman’s plotting by traveling to Montana Territory. Cherish’s only hope for a better life rests in the hands of a doctor who has sworn to never again practice medicine.

Lamps of Hope #7

A dedicated nurse follows in her ancestors’ footsteps. Co-authored with Julie Reece-DeMarco

Lucy Daniels serves with her doctor father during the Civil war, and plans to marry her childhood sweetheart. Jere’s father orders him to wed another girl and join the Confederate Army. Will the battles never end?

Generations late, nurse Kiersten Davis trusts her instincts—until she makes an embarrassing judgement call and meets Brett Lewis. Can he help her learn compassion for those fighting drug addiction, alcoholism, and abuse?

Cascade Masquerade #8

Two polar opposite persons on a collision course that can destroy an idyllic mountain village.  

Anne Carroll walks in light and is happy serving Aspen Grove as owner of His Way bookstore. She has been taught to always “tell the truth and shame the devil.” Which path will she choose when doing so can destroy her minister father?

Unlike Anne, former minister Paul Hamilton lives in darkness. He wears the face of an angel, but plans to “pay God back” for not intervening when false accusations shattered his life. Can Aspen Grove ever again be the place that 700 residents loved and cherished?

Ten years in the writing!

Arizona Angel #9

Who can Angel trust?

Orphaned at age eighteen, Angela Cartwright journeys to frontier Arizona seeking her twin brother. After a stagecoach wreck and being shot at, she finds Abe dying. He rallies just long enough to whisper a secret that puts her in mortal danger. She reluctantly takes Abe’s place as the schoolteacher in Broken Rail and captures the hearts of young, old, and the killer who stumbled across Abe’s secret. When “Miss Angel” flees into the night and even more peril, God is once more her only hope.

Jenny of the Lookout #10

Love signals flash between Washington State mountain lookout peaks just before World I.

Jennifer Ashley is leaving trolley cars and crowded city streets for her beloved Washington state logging town. She enters a horse race, works as a logging camp flunky [helper], and becomes a lookout fire-watcher high atop Flower Dome. She and Keith Burgess on Pinnacle Peak flash mirror signals, then fall in love. World War I changes their lives. Will the couple only be reunited in heaven?

“Three Rivers” is based on the author’s home town, as lived by her parents and grandparents a hundred years ago. Colleen’s brother was a lookout firewatcher.