Family Friendly Fiction and Non-fiction

Some authors write only one type of books. I prefer to create in many genres. These examples are taken from the dozens of my titles available on Amazon >>

Note: Boxed sets are also available as single titles in Kindle and print editions.

Author Favorites: My Favorite Titles Through the Years

Out of 175 plus books I have written, a few titles have a special place in my heart as my favorites. Check them out. Perhaps they will become some of your favorites too.

Cherished Romances: Action Through the Ages

From the western frontier to the Canadian wilderness, World War 1 to the Civil War, Boston to the North Carolina mountains, an idyllic Washington State hamlet to the streets of Seattle, characters face challenges in order to discover God, love, happiness—and that it is impossible to overcome adversity without His help.

Inspirational Anthologies: Timeless Tales to Touch the Heart

Two story/article collections especially designed for busy people who often cannot take time to read longer material. Encouraging examples from history, the Bible, and the present. Good for personal and family devotions or reading aloud.

Western and Romance: Drama in the Old West and a Seattle Hospital

Romance is alive and well in frontier California and a modern Seattle hospital. So is intrigue, danger, and spine-tingling events that threaten cowboys and ranchers, as well as doctors and nurses whose desire to serve others is hampered by hostile, unseen forces.

Kids and the Young at Heart: Laughter, Adventure, and Excitement

Three different adventures from different eras and settings. A family in the isolated, eastern Oregon wilderness and best friends separated during World War Two (both based on true incidents). And the ups and downs of a Nancy-Drew-type heroine and her friends as they solve a week’s worth of mysteries in Washington State. All discover that working together and relying on God help them overcome obstacles blocking the road to happiness and understanding.