Courage Under Fire: A New Author Favorite

Candace “Candleshine” Thatcher dedicates her life to nursing and loses her heart to Lieutenant Jeffrey Fairfax during World War 2. The wounded Marine washes up on an island in the South Pacific where Candleshine and survivors from their sunken ship are stranded.

Promises made under threat of invasion must be postponed. Nursing in the jungle requires service beyond the call of duty by Candleshine and her two fellow nurses.

Separation from Jeffrey follows evacuation under fire. Can a love born in the midst of war survive? Will Jeffrey ever return to his beloved Montana cattle ranch with Candleshine as his wife?

Colleen L. Reece’s 180 “Books that You Can Trust to Inspire and Entertain,” have sold 6,000,000 copies.


Other nurse books by this author.

Shepherd of Love Hospital Mystery-Romances 

A quintet of related novels, each complete in itself, set in a Seattle Washington hospital conceived in prayer and dedicated to serving as Jesus served.

Five dedicated nurse friends solve mysteries and find love at Shepherd of Love Hospital. Available as a print collection, and as Kindle and print singles.  Each title is complete in itself but flows into the next. Like reading one long, exciting story.

#1. Lamp in Darkness. Jonica flees from heartbreak.

#2. Flickering Flames. Nancy is the victim of prejudice.

#3. A Kindled Spark. Lindsey faces forces intent on destroying her beloved hospital.

#4. Glowing Embers. Shina is torn between love and the need to honor her father and mother.

#5. Hearth of Fire. Patti takes desperate measures to escape a stalker.

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