Happiness or Heartbreak?

  I’ve never before had two titles come out within days of each other. Very different stories, and totally different hero and heroine from Candleshine’s High Calling.   Elizabeth’s Bold Escape: Cherished Romance #13 “East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet.” (Rudyard Kipling, 1889)  Spoiled, headstrong Elizabeth Courtland, whoContinue reading “Happiness or Heartbreak?”

Courage Under Fire: A New Author Favorite

Candace “Candleshine” Thatcher dedicates her life to nursing and loses her heart to Lieutenant Jeffrey Fairfax during World War 2. The wounded Marine washes up on an island in the South Pacific where Candleshine and survivors from their sunken ship are stranded. Promises made under threat of invasion must be postponed. Nursing in the jungleContinue reading “Courage Under Fire: A New Author Favorite”

“Heroes, Heroines, and Villains, Oh My!”

The quote, “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!” from The Wizard of Oz created shivers and excitement in anticipation for what lay ahead. “Heroes, Heroines, and Villains, Oh My!” does the same for characters in novels. I love telling stories and finding settings, but the best part of writing fiction or novels based onContinue reading ““Heroes, Heroines, and Villains, Oh My!””

Happy Birthday #87: Counting my Blessings

Today I am 87 years young, the perfect day to look backwards and forward. Birthdays in our family were always special. Meals ended with dessert of the birthday person’s choice. White cake with fudge frosting for me, banana whipped cream cake for my younger brother, and butterscotch pie for Dad–who “wasn’t much of a handContinue reading “Happy Birthday #87: Counting my Blessings”

Heart-breaking Incident Inspires Author

Years ago, I witnessed an incident that brought tears. A teen girl who thought she was better than everyone else held a slumber party. She invited every girl in her class except one shy, often ignored classmate. The cruel act destroyed what little self-esteem the outcast girl had. It took years for her to seeContinue reading “Heart-breaking Incident Inspires Author”

Powerful Scene Brings Tears

“The Thief on the Cross” [guest post] With more than 190,000 books in print, former writing student, long-term friend, and award-winning author of Wholesome Books for Kids, Susan K. Marlow is one of the best writers I have ever had the privilege of instructing. Her newest post on her popular ANDI’S BLOG, copied with her permission,Continue reading “Powerful Scene Brings Tears”

Family Favorites Times Three

What is better than a good book? A trio of fun, inspirational titles.  Award-winning authors Colleen L. Reece and Julie Reece-DeMarco present timeless tales to touch the heart. Filled with graphics, all are designed for the youngest through the oldest family members. God Loves You Whoever You Are. Old, young, short, tall, fat, thin, big,Continue reading “Family Favorites Times Three”

Decoration Day: A lasting memory

Memorial Day, that used to be called “Decoration Day,” is a time of remembering for me. Every year, our family took flowers to the little Darrington, Washington cemetery, and decorated the graves of of those who had gone on ahead of us. Neighbors did the same. When spring brought more showers than May flowers, weContinue reading “Decoration Day: A lasting memory”