Family Favorites Times Three

What is better than a good book? A trio of fun, inspirational titles.  Award-winning authors Colleen L. Reece and Julie Reece-DeMarco present timeless tales to touch the heart. Filled with graphics, all are designed for the youngest through the oldest family members. God Loves You Whoever You Are. Old, young, short, tall, fat, thin, big,Continue reading “Family Favorites Times Three”

Decoration Day: A lasting memory

Memorial Day, that used to be called “Decoration Day,” is a time of remembering for me. Every year, our family took flowers to the little Darrington, Washington cemetery, and decorated the graves of of those who had gone on ahead of us. Neighbors did the same. When spring brought more showers than May flowers, weContinue reading “Decoration Day: A lasting memory”

Life 101: Encouragement for Graduates

  In 1997, Julie Reece-DeMarco and I co-authored the first of more than a dozen books. We lost track of how many copies sold somewhere after 500,000. Our new, revised editions (Kindle and print)  feature a treasury of graphics. It takes more than a diploma to get an “A” in life. Best-selling co-authors Colleen L.Continue reading “Life 101: Encouragement for Graduates”

Christmas in March

March can be a capricious month. Sunshine and storms. Unexpected snow flurries. High and low temperatures. Saint Patrick’s Day. Shamrocks. Children chasing rainbows, hoping to find the pot of gold said to be found at the end. Secretly wishing there really were leprechauns, who (according to folklore) if caught, must give up their gold whenContinue reading “Christmas in March”

Enduring Love

“Love at First Sight. For Real?” My friend, Dace Pedecis, recently asked this question on I am living proof that love at first sight is real and can be enduring. 1918. One Friday night in late fall at a farmhouse a few miles out of Darrington, Washington. Nineteen-year-old WIlliam E. Reece (Bill) wearily crept upContinue reading “Enduring Love”

Something in Common

  What do a minister’s daughter, a B&B owner, a woman police officer, a woman with a canine posse, and a forensic accountant have in common? All are characters in the new Small Town Mysteries Kindle collection by five popular authors. Hours of suspenseful reading.   Small towns aren’t always as nice as they seem.Continue reading “Something in Common”