Write What You Love and Read

At home in Darrington WA

Growing up a few miles out of a small western Washington logging town meant snow. Lots of it. And time to read. I reveled in the northern adventure novels of Edison Marshall and James Oliver Curwood. I mushed along beside dogsleds drawn by powerful Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes, raced blizzards, and lived the thrilling life portrayed by authors who personally knew the Canadian and Alaskan Wilderness well.

No wonder that after I became a full-time author, I recalled the scenes I had loved and visited over and over, then turned to the Far North and familiar settings for many of my historical romances.

New Kindle Collection: NORTHERN BRIDES: Three inspirational novels plus a novelette!

Angel of the North. Evangeline Lawrence realizes too late she banished the man she loves. Can carrying medicine to families in the Canadian wilderness atone for her bitterly regretted actions?

Flower of the North. Sasha Anton falls in love on her 23rd birthday—with Kobuk, the Husky pup gift from her father. Dr. Bernard Clifton, who saves Sasha after a blizzard, wins her undying loyalty. Will admiration turn to love?

Flower of Alaska (sequel to Flower of the North). A four-thousand-mile journey lies between Dr. Arthur Baldwin and his hope for redemption. Does the isolated village of Tarnigan hold forgiveness, and love with Inga Nansen?

Winterlude. A rare snowflake in San Diego lures Ariel Dixon home to Ketchikan, despite her fiance’s objections. Meeting a childhood sweetheart complicates things. Will Ariel choose wealth and position, or life in a fishing village?

How 3 novels and a novelette became a collection

A poet I am not, other than a couple of rhyming picture books. But a few nights ago. a “pome” knocked at my brain demanding to be let out. For better or for verse, a good laugh.

A Not So-Epic Poem.  I know: Don’t quit my day job.

“Listen, my children, and you shall know, a curious tale from not long ago.
I awakened one morning and looked at the snow. Lovely to see– but I could not go walking and talking with my neighbors dear. Ice and cold temps had shut me in here cozy and warm in my own little house. with no one for company—not even a mouse.

“Well,” said I, to my lonely room, “No use to complain, or wallow in gloom. What can I do to make my mood lighter? I must find a way to make the day brighter.”

I stared at the white world, then thought of some books. The journeys they took me on offered a look at Canada, Alaska. They carried me away for hours on end–for many a day.

Angel of the North, the first of its kind. Flower of the North, number two in the line. Then Flower of Alaska, sequel brightened my mood. Oh, I must not forget number four, Winterlude.

 My brain settled down, no more at a loss. Suppose that I contacted, Cynthia, my boss? Just maybe she’d issue a Winged book collection, as she’d done before. Happy recollection.

I ran to the web and started to hover. For hours I searched for just the right cover. There had to be snow and a wilderness home. Past hundreds of photos my fingers did roam. “Aha!” I cried when I found what I needed. It sent my blood racing as with me it pleaded, “Pick me! Pick me! I am the one.” I laughed and agreed. The long search was done.

NORTHERN BRIDES has now become a real book. Its four unique stories deserve a good look.

This tale has a moral, everyone should know: “Find something worth doing when trapped by the snow.” 


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