Something in Common


What do a minister’s daughter, a B&B owner, a woman police officer, a woman with a canine posse, and a forensic accountant have in common?

All are characters in the new Small Town Mysteries Kindle collection by five popular authors. Hours of suspenseful reading.


Small towns aren’t always as nice as they seem.



Minister’s daughter Anne Carroll is thirty, single, and content serving her beloved community with her Christian bookstore, His Way. How can she tell what she knows, when it will destroy her father?

Former minister Paul Hamilton wears the face of an angel but plans to pay God back for not intervening when false accusations shattered his life.

Aspen Grove, Washington is under attack after a terrible storm follows a gorgeous September day. Will the former idyllic village ever be the innocent, peaceful place that 700 residents loved and cherished?



Lilly Ann Mercer loves her home so much she’s turned it into a bed and breakfast which caters to wedding parties. A quick winter wedding turns deadly with a body in the garden. Lilly has no idea who the woman is, or why she was murdered. But someone thinks she knows and is determined she will reveal a long-lost secret or die.

Detective Jacob Hill didn’t grow up in St. Ives, Minnesota, but he is with them now. When Lilly’s life is threatened, he’ll do everything he can to protect her. Can they find the secret of Mercy House Gardens before the killer takes another life?



Police Officer Carly Prescott has endured loss, but now throws herself into enforcing the law, volunteering at women’s shelters and seeing to the needs of others. When a friend goes missing, the case extends into another jurisdiction, and she meets successful poultry farmer, Brody Macklin . . . who stirs dreams and feelings she tries to ignore as he becomes involved in the search for their mutual friend, and then for her killer.

Brody has known love, and the loss of that love through death. He can’t risk another such loss. He doesn’t count on the lovely cop who sends his heart into a tailspin. Can these two find justice for their murdered friend, conquer their fear of loving again and have a happily ever after together?



Mallory Morris loves Autumn Springs, Tennessee, and fall is her favorite season of all. It’s filled with crisp, cool evenings, bonfires, football, and lots of visits to the dog park with her canine posse. But a rash of home burglaries is casting a pall over her hometown, and her cousin the sheriff isn’t making headway in solving them. That changes when she meets a scruffy stranger at the dog park who clearly doesn’t like dogs!

Garrett Alexander agreed to come to Autumn Springs from Arizona to help his old friend solve a puzzling case. What he didn’t bargain for was becoming a temporary dog dad, gaining a beautiful partner with the cutest Southern twang, and having sweet tea constantly pushed on him (the abominable stuff!).

Their resolve to keep things professional changes quickly when they put their heads together—figuratively and then literally. But his life is in Arizona, and hers in Tennessee. They both yearn for love, but a series of misunderstandings puts an end to their dreams. How can they reach their happily-ever-after with 1,600 miles between them?


ALOHA MAYHEM, Sydney Winthrop

Kevin and Steven are business partners in a coffee farm. They have worked hard to get their Kau coffee beans noticed on the mainland—maybe noticed by the wrong people. When Steven mysteriously disappears, along with a large sum of money, Kevin calls his dad, Charles “Chuck” MacKay.

Chuck has been on the east coast working as a forensic accountant for his old friend Bruce Levine, owner of Valor Investigations. After Kevin’s call, Chuck flies to the Big Island of Hawaii to track the money, and Bruce uses his available resources to track Steven.

Meanwhile, a hit man is on the Big Island causing havoc. Is he someone from Chuck’s past or Kevin’s present? And is Steven even the real target?

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2 thoughts on “Something in Common

  1. Looks fun! I wrote a review for Jenny last night, still not showing but hopefully soon. Thanks for sending me the book !

    Glad to see You’re still writing up a storm. 🙂 Me too, Renee

    On Sun, Feb 20, 2022, 12:26 PM Colleen’s Creations wrote:

    > Colleen Reece Author posted: ” What do a minister’s daughter, a B&B > owner, a woman police officer, a woman with a canine posse, and a forensic > accountant have in common? All are characters in the new Town Mysteries > Kindle collection by five popular authors. Hours of su” >


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