Milestone Memories

Surrounded by Books

I grew up surrounded by books. At night, Mom, Dad, my two brothers, and I traveled to faraway places. We met historical and fictional characters by kerosene lamplight.

The book I remember and loved best was an over-sized, fully color-illustrated Bible. By the time Mom taught me to read when I was four, I knew dozens of stories from the pictures in the well-worn Bible that became my Rule Book. At age 86, it still is.

A few years ago, I awakened filled with excitement. After dozens of fiction and nonfiction books, I would begin a retelling of the Bible stories I had loved so long, with appropriate chapter heading illustrations for the 100 entries.

Bible Stories: Creation to Revelation came out in 2017, and is now the lead book in my new 4-in-1 Kindle collection, Milestone Memories: A Path to the Past. It offers help to readers who are searching for an easily understood record of people, places, and events that shaped history–and how God’s love and mercy span the ages. Excellent source for family devotions, sermon starters, and to read aloud to young children.

Note:  Milestone Memories includes the following. All titles also available as paperback and Kindle singles.

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Going Home Again

Thomas Wolfe said, “You can’t go home again.” Colleen feels differently. She walks the path to the past in 31 of her best-loved stories of growing up relying on God’s faithfulness. Perfect for personal or family devotions.

Lamplight to Limelight

Only God could multiply by more than a hundredfold the dream of a child who learned to read by kerosene lamplight and vowed to someday write a book. This small-town logger’s daughter shares her heart-warming journey of joy on the winding (often stony) path to full-time, award-winning authorship. Valuable writing tips included.

Women of the Bible: 50 Character Sketches

What was it like to be a woman in Bible days? To trudge dusty roads, rocky mountain paths, and known as good or bad? Named and nameless, young and old, some honored, others, scorned, these women played a vital part in history and left an indelible mark from which we can learn.

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