Snowbound in . . . Auburn WA?

Friday, December 31, 2021.

Shades of my childhood and growing up years! Little did I suspect what waited in the darkness when I went to bed Christmas night after happy times with my family on Christmas Eve, and lunch with a dear friend on Christmas afternoon.

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Surprise, surprise. Old Man Winter dropped temperature to 20 degrees and dumped 3″ of snow overnight, with lighter snow falling several times since then. Gorgeous but treacherous. Time for me to stay inside looking out.

How different from when I lived in Darrington. No staying inside there! Snow meant friends knocking at the door and calling, “Bundle up. We’re going sledding.” Young and old alike headed for the Ski Hill. Sleds and dishpans flew down the slope packed hard by volunteers. Bobsleds attached to cars slowly drove up and down the streets and country roads. Most fun of all, was climbing into a wagon bed packed with hay or straw and people, secured to a Jeep by a strong trailer hitch.

Our treks inevitably ended up at the one small drive-in to warm up with hot chocolate topped with soft ice cream and devour Logger-burgers created by the owner. Darrington’s version of a hero sandwich, a full meal.

. A long soft, French roll contained ham, bacon, ground beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo, and mustard. It came with or without onions. Too good to even consider splitting with a friend!

Wonderful memories, but time to move on. Being snowed in gives time for reflection. For remembering the past and looking toward the future. Our world changed in March 2020. Some good things came out of the chaos. Amidst the turmoil, families spent more time together. Neighbors helped neighbors.

We have no way knowing what 2022 will bring, but I find hope in a true story that touched my heart.

Darkness and Light

On the last day of the year, in the middle of a terrible war, despair filled a commanding officer. What would the New Year bring? Heavy losses had left the officer fearing he and his remaining men could no longer hold their position, critical as it was to do so. Staggering from fatigue, desperately in need of sleep, he knelt beside his cot. Cannon fire beat in his ears, threatening to overwhelm him. “Dear God,” he cried, “I no longer know what to do. Please give me light in this terrible darkness, so I can find my way, Otherwise, I cannot go on.”

For a single moment, the cannon fire ceased. A voice as soft as an angel ‘s wing whispered, “Put your hand in the hand of God. It shall be better than any light.”

Strangely comforted, the officer lay down for a nap. After just a few  hours sleep, the officer arose, rallied his men, and led them to victory.

* * *

Eleanor Roosevelt is credited with saying, “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why we call it the present.”

My grandmother taught me one of the greatest gifts God bestows on us is one day at a time. She said, “If we knew all the wonderful things that lay ahead, we would be so eager for the tomorrows to come, we’d miss out on the good things happening today. If we saw trouble and sadness, we would feel we could never have the courage to meet and overcome them.”

May we live each day as it comes and always remember: 

Blessings and prayers,



4 thoughts on “Snowbound in . . . Auburn WA?

  1. Ham, bacon, and ground beef on a sandwich? Yum yum. I really needed to hear this today. Take one day at a time. I am setting goals for 2022 and trying to keep my outlook on the future positive. Thank you.
    This is Kayla James by the way. I may build a blog.

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