Dialogue with God

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans?”

Do you ever wonder whether God has  a sense of humor? If so, take a good look at an armadillo, tortoise, rhinoceros, camel, or even the lowly bumblebee. It is said that aerodynamically, he cannot fly. Evidently, no one told him. He merrily buzzes his way through life with no apparent concern about what others think.

I am thankful our family has always laughed a lot, sometimes to hide tears. We also marveled and shook our heads when God used unusual ways to answer prayers. My stock reply when friends say, “Have a good day,” is, “Thanks. All my days are good. Some are just ‘gooder’ than others.” There are far more mountain highs in my life than valley lows.

Friday, October 1st was a rare exception. I missed two celebrations after being under the weather for a few days. I had a prescription delivery mix-up. My computer announced the monitor was going to sleep. Every time I tried to wake it up, it went back to sleep, which meant no email or posting to my blog, etc., etc., and so forth. One bright spot was a late-blooming rose, but I welcomed the end of my 86th birthday.

A couple of days later, I stumbled across a reading that JoAnn Grote, a dear writer friend, had sent in 2012; Perfect timing for me to reread.

ME. “God, can I ask you a question?”

GOD. Sure.

ME. “Why did You let so much bad stuff happen to me today?

“I woke up late.

“My car took forever to start,

“At lunch they made my sandwich wrong and I had to wait.

“On the way home, my phone went dead just as a call came in.

“When I got here, all I wanted was to soak my feet in my new foot massager but it wouldn’t work. Why did you do all that?”

God. “Let’s go back through your day. This morning the Death Angel was at your bedside. I had to send one of my other angels to battle for your life. I let you sleep through all that. 

“I didn’t let your car start because there was a drunk driver on your route that would have hit you if you’d been on time.  The worker who made your first sandwich was sick. I didn’t want you to catch something and miss work.

“Your phone went dead because the person calling was going to give false witness about what you said during that conversation. I didn’t let you talk to them and spared you a lot of trouble.”

“As for the foot massager, it had a short that could have knocked out all the power in your house; I didn’t think you wanted to be left in the dark.”

ME (humbled). “I’m sorry, God.”

GOD. “Just learn to trust Me in all situations. My plan for your day is always better than yours.”

ME. “Yes, God. Thank You.”

GOD. “You are welcome. This was just another day of being your God. I love looking after My children.”

* * *

Perspective restored, I laughed and looked forward to a better week. It was. Energy started back up. Weather permitted walking. Friends visited. Computer glitch and other annoyances were resolved. And I had a great story for Reece’s Ramblings.

It’s wise to remember that when a day goes down hill so far we feel we are at rock bottom, the place to look is up and consider that things could be a whole lot worse.


3 thoughts on “Dialogue with God

  1. Thanks, Linda.

    Sometimes it takes being reminded that there are two sides to even something as thin as tissue paper and looking at things in that way, we gain the right perspective.


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