Christmas in March

March can be a capricious month. Sunshine and storms. Unexpected snow flurries. High and low temperatures.
Saint Patrick’s Day. Shamrocks. Children chasing rainbows, hoping to find the pot of gold said to be found at the end. Secretly wishing there really were leprechauns, who (according to folklore) if caught, must give up their gold when captured.  

Neither rainbows nor little men in green hats lead to gold, but a new Kindle collection offers pure gold reading pleasure. There are several reasons for Christmas Gold: A Heart-warming Trilogy‘s spring debut.

  • Christmas should not be limited to one day or one season.
  • Inspirational stories and books are worth reading year-round.
  • Unlike November and December, March offers time off.  No decorating for the holidays. No parties, special events, cooking and shopping marathons, gift wrapping, or writing cards.
  • Rainy and chilly days set the stage for curling up with a blanket, sipping hot chocolate, losing ourselves in stories of past Christmases, and joyously anticipating those to come.
  • A boon for those who like to get holiday shopping done and hidden away in closets long before the holiday rush.

Christmas Gold: A Heart-warming Trilogy, contains three books by popular authors Colleen L. Reece and Juie Reece-DeMarco.

Countdown to Christmas

Graphic Advent Calendar - Free vector graphic on Pixabay

In the midst of the holiday hustle, it’s easy to lose sight of the reason for the season. Award-winning authors Colleen L. Reece and Julie Reece-DeMarco present touching stories and suggestions for activities to bring families closer to our Lord and each other during the Advent season.


Patchwork Christmashomemade | Accents | Vintage Patchwork Quilt Blanket Wall Hanging | Poshmark

Hearts are in tatters. Then, a frayed patchwork quillt arrives. One woman’s treasured blanket brings comfort to a homeless family and later to a man with shattered dreams. Will broken hearts be healed and lives pieced back together during this Patchwork Christmas?


Seasons of the Heart

A “happily-ever-after” has passed Emily Ann Carr by while she cares for family members. Her beloved aunt Carolyn has been “terminally single and proud of it” for decades. An unexpected inheritance and the loss of a coveted promotion bring changing seasons. Will they also bring autumn and winter love?


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