Lesson from an Inch Worm

Sunday, March 19th 

Hello, everyone.

It is good to be back after weeks in the hospital and rehabilitation center. At times I feel like an inch worm but–hey, with every tiny movement forward, he/she eventually reaches the desired goal. Me, too, to be ungrammatical.

“Colleen Loraine, the looper,” continues to make progress. Milestones include the first time being able to stand at the sink and do dishes, and (with my walker), journeying down the driveway to the mailbox. I finally was able to tackle and deal with a mountain of paperwork.  Funny, how small accomplishments can be so encouraging.

I didn’t feel ready to come home when released from Wesley Rehab, and wondered how I would make it “on my own.” My hard-working niece researched the availability of help so seniors can stay in their homes. I now have a caption phone. Meals are delivered (supplemented by Safeway deliveries). I have had several weeks of physical and occupational therapy and nurse visits. My bathtub has been replaced with a walk-in shower. Other help is in the works. Friends and neighbors have been diligent in looking out for me.

God is good. Decades ago, my dear friend Marjorie Gordon, gave me an Old Testament blessing. “. . .may your strength match the length of your days!” Deuteronomy 33:25 (TLB). Never has it been more appreciated.

Dad taught me to always concentrate on how far I have come, not how far I have to go. I am.

May God bless you all, as He has, is, and will continue to care and provide for me.




8 thoughts on “Lesson from an Inch Worm

  1. Always love your wise and thoughtful words on not on your life’s journey but appropriate to not only my life but other’s as well. Hugs and much love always. Marilyn


  2. You’ve persevred and trusted and your dad’s sound advice has come to fruition. Now you can look back and see what an amazing amount of progress you’ve made, although it felt like inches at the time. ❤


  3. I’m so grateful to read this report. I’m sorry the day to day tasks are hard on you. Your grace and courage really lift my heart. Thank God for your niece!!! You are in my prayers. Blessed be❤


  4. So glad to hear you’re inching along! I agree we find His mercies are new every morning, proportioned to what we need.


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