Good News!

It was good to see all your comments, good wishes, and prayers for Colleen. I passed your names along to her contacts at the rehab place to share with her. I just learned some super good news. Colleen is home! Hopefully, she’ll be back on her Colleen’s Creations blog in no time.

This email below comes from a local author friend, Sandy N., with a happy update!

Hi, Susan,

Colleen is at home as of yesterday. Several of us from her writing group dropped by this afternoon and found her sitting in her recliner by the front window. She was in good spirits and looked more “like herself” than she has recently.

When Colleen’s niece Julie brought her home, she left a big box of food that Colleen can easily eat — bananas, tangerines, protein drinks, as well as ready-to-eat food that’s in her freezer and refrigerator. She also has cans of soup that she can heat in the microwave. Colleen says she has no trouble getting in and out of her chair, in and out of bed, and down the hallway and back from the bathroom. 

Although Colleen is still frail, I could see quite a lot of improvement. ~ Sandy

Susan Marlow, Blog Administrator

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