Family Favorites Times Three

What is better than a good book? A trio of fun, inspirational titles. 

Award-winning authors Colleen L. Reece and Julie Reece-DeMarco present timeless tales to touch the heart. Filled with graphics, all are designed for the youngest through the oldest family members.

God Loves You Whoever You Are.

Old, young, short, tall, fat, thin, big, small. God loves you. Whoever or wherever we are, God loves us.


So what did  Katy do?

Large green grasshoppers called katydids sing the Witherspoon family to sleep. The children wonder what Katy did, but the insects never tell. It takes a long, lonely day for a little girl to discover their secret and learn that being “Katydidn’t” isn’t fun after all.

Nine Tail Kitten.

Mother Cat was astonished. Father Cat was amazed. Grandmother Cat raised her paws. Never in all her born days had she seen anything like Christopher, her new grand-kitten. A story of giving.

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