Delayed Dream

A long time coming

Susan K. Marlow wrote her first book (a full-length story about five children who accidentally end up on a spaceship to an alien planet) titled, The Stars Know the Way, in a blank, hard covered book her grandfather brought home from a dump. Decades passed. In the mid-1990s, the homeschooling mom needed something to do while her teenage son took night classes at a community college about 15 miles from their Enumclaw WA home. She signed up for my Creative writing class.

Susan never asked questions or read from the in-class assignments. She simply listened and learned. One evening another student invited her to a meeting of writers from my classes. She reluctantly read the first chapter of a YA novel. We were impressed. She became part of our critique group.

The rest is history: horses, adventure, and the Old West–for a total of over 180,000 copies in print.

Twelve-year-old Andrea “Andi” Carter attracts trouble the way her palomino horse attracts flies on a hot summer day. She would rather ride Taffy than attend school. When she barely escapes a life-threatening situation with her brother’s wild stallion, she takes her horse and leaves the ranch. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that “there is no place like home.” 

The setting for Susan’s first book, Andrea Carter and the Long Ride Home, is the sprawling Carter ranch in the mid-1800s. The title sets the stage for six exciting series that take Andi and her family from early childhood to a home of her own. Her Goldtown books are appreciated by boys, as well as girls, and all series are especially welcomed by homeschooling families.

Circle C Beginnings 6 titles, Circle C Stepping-Stones 6 titles, Circle C Adventures 6 titles, Circle C Milestones 6 titles (books 5-6 hot off the press*), Goldtown Beginnings 6 titles, Goldtown Adventures, 4 titles

*Circle C Milestones #5, Yosemite at Last and other tales from Memory Creek Ranch. How many twists and turns can a honeymoon have? Circle C Milestones #6, Stranger in the Glade and other tales from Memory Creek Ranch. Adventures continue in Andi’s “happily-ever-after.” Read more >>

In addition to her print, Kindle, and audio books, Susan offers a wide variety of study helps, lapbooks, writing tips, contests, and much more available on her website, >>

You can connect with Susan here:

  1. >>
  2. Circle C Facebook Group Page >>
  3. Contact Susan by email >>

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  1. I got an email message that you’d commented, Colleen (and what you said about consulting Susan’s blog), but it’s not showing up here. Nevertheless, yes . . . I do keep apprised via Susan’s blog and Facebook posts.


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