Strange Summer

Record-breaking Heat

Never has western Washington seen a summer like 2021. During the last two weeks in June, temperatures soared well into the three-digit range. August 11th-13th they went back into the 90s. Thank God my across-the-street neighbors brought and installed an air conditioner in my kitchen window on June 25th. The inside temperature had gone back into the 90s.

People watched out for one another. Those with air conditioners offered housing to those without. One friend put it in a nutshell: “We survived, but we did not thrive.” Laughter helped. It came from many sources.

A “Hare-y” Tale

In his never-ending war with Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd constantly complained, “That wascally wabbit is in my cawwots again!” and fought a losing battle.

A few years ago, someone in the area set pet rabbits loose. Their descendants have claimed squatter’s rights in our neighborhood. I have seen as many as 14 on my daily half-hour walk. Black, brown, tan, white, and mottled. Are the critters cute? Yes. A nuisance? Definitely. They dig holes in our  lawns. They tear up our bark beds. A neighbor put in all new grass and a retaining wall. The rabbits hop over it and feast on the lush new lawn.

Other neighbors (including me) have chain link fences. Bunnies burrow under them. When we attempt to shoo them off, they delight in leading us a merry chase behind buildings. We all have stories, but a friend’s experience has become legendary.

One afternoon, a neighbor got out his lawn mower, but had a big, fat problem. A  rabbit large enough to be grandfather of the local tribe sat in the middle of the lawn, contentedly chewing away. When chased, the bunny did not budge.

“Go ahead and start mowing,” my neighbor’s wife advised. He did. The bunny just looked at him. Was the animal deaf? Stupid? Determined to outwit the homeowner?  Around and around went the mower, starting at the edge of the lawn. Closer and closer to the rabbit it got. A six foot circle. Four feet. Three feet.

Score? Rabbit, one. Frustrated mower, zero. My neighbor shut off his machine and trundled it to the garage. The triumphant trespasser munched on.

Dry Spell

Except for a couple of sprinkles, we had no rain from early June until August 27th. I awakened to wet pavement and puddles in the low places in my driveway, which is my indicator when it rains hard. What an answer to prayer. I shouted, “Thank You, God” and breathed in cold, clean air. When I walked later in the day, a feeling of fall tinged the air.

Hopefully, summer’s backbone is broken. I love 50 degree mornings with highs only in the mid 70’s. I  appreciate a cool breeze as I walk up and down the the streets in our cul-de-sac, greeting those as thrilled and relieved at cooler weather as I am. We look forward to rain that will heal our parched lawns and spirits. Some are calling this scorching summer a once-in-a-millennium event. Know what? I don’t plan to stick around for the next!

May you and yours have a lovely autumn season,








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