Reece’s Ramblings Has Moved!

Who says you can’t teach an old dog (or an 85-year-author) new tricks?

It took years for me to be convinced I needed a computer. Or Email. To switch from dial-up. To start a blog. Each time, knowledgeable friends installed programs that once I learned to use, I couldn’t imagine not having. It just happened again.

I recently mentioned to my good friend/former writing student, Susan K. Marlow, who has 85,000+ books in print, that I was thinking of getting a website. She hopped on the idea like a duck on a June bug, and stole time from her writing career and family to set me up. We had countless hours of communicating by phone, email, and online chat while we discussed details.

I don’t have to wait until October for my 86th birthday present! 😊

Meet Susan, My Motivator

Horses, Adventure, and the Old West. Exciting reading for the whole family.

Samples. Freebies. Contests. Lapbooks. Study Guides. Curriculum Bundles.

As a child, Susan Marlow grew tired of reading books in which only boys encountered danger and adventure. At the age of ten she began writing her own stories—stories in which girls took the risks and became the heroines. As a wife and homeschooling Mom, Susan never intended to become a published author but is currently the author of six series of “wholesome books for kids.”

Circle C Beginnings (ages 6-9), Circle C Stepping Stones (7-10), Circle C Adventures (9-13), Circle C Milestones (11 and up), and the Goldtown series: Beginnings (ages 6-9), and Adventures (9-13). Susan combines her love of writing with her passion for American history, especially the settling of the Old West.

Click the images to visit Susan’s website.

Coming February 15, 2022

Andi and Riley are together at last—but their adventures don’t stop in their happily-ever-after.

7 thoughts on “Reece’s Ramblings Has Moved!

  1. Woohoo! How fun to see this new venture. I’m excited for you and so happy Susan took on the challenge with you. I feel like a duck out of water with technology but when someone offers to help who understand all these bells and whistles, it’s wonderful. Congratulations to you both. Love Susan’s books and covers too!

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